About seclectic

I am a retired man who is fascinated by ideas on a wide range of subjects hence the screen name “seclectic” which I hope combines selective with eclectic. I like outdoor activities such as skiing (downhill) which I usually spend a couple of months a year doing. I also do quite a lot of walking in hills and mountains. I live close to the sea and like swimming and wind surfing, though this activity is getting much more tiring as I get older. I also like geocaching but not to the nerdy extreme and tend to combine it with walking and birdwatching.

My skiing time I spend in the Chamonix valley but I lived in Wales until September 2013 when I moved to Dorset.

1 Response to About seclectic

  1. Peter Everett says:

    Just taken a look at this. We should get together some time.
    We have skied for many years at les Carroz and for my sins I am Scout Leader,so hike etc. I keep fit with squash and cycling and am a frustrated windsurfer. We lived overseas for 18 years in better conditions but I never mastered it.

    Have a great time skiing and I look forward to being reunited with my book one day.
    PS How did you come by it?


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