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Ultra short stories

Although, not very skilled at story telling, I am quite fascinated by the art. Even more so am I intrigued by ultra short tales. Word economy amuses me. So, I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed a radio competition, some years ago, for mini-sagas. A complete … Continue reading

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Mnemonics and rhymes in chemistry

This is a bit chemistry-nerdy but I hope might amuse non-chemists. I think it is common knowledge that worker bees are sterile; only the queen is able to produce eggs. The chemical, an acid, that causes this has been known … Continue reading

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Some of my favourite funny (old) things

This weekend we had some old friends staying. The weather was “mixed” so during some of the wetter periods we revisited with them some of our most memorable amusing recordings. We still have some of these on cassette tapes and … Continue reading

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My week as a hostel warden

I have been a voluntary hostel warden for several years now and, last week, I did another stint at Ty’n Cornel, perhaps the most remote hostel in Wales. I am very grateful that a number of friends took the opportunity … Continue reading

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