Two weeks in Chamonix valley

2016/17 has not been a typical winter for me nor, I think, for the Chamonix valley. The valley has had a pretty poor ski season and I have not been skiing as frequently as previously. Partly, the two reasons are related. I was there in January for just over a week and did not bother to venture out with skis because there was a grave lack of snow in the resorts. However, I was there for two weeks roundabout the middle of March and had some excellent skiing and some lovely walks. There had been a decent snowfall as we arrived and this was followed by a solid week of bright sunny weather; a little warm for the best skiing but it gave an overwhelming feeling of Spring’s arrival. Google created a couple of great panoramic photos, without me asking, and it is these I would like to share in this post.

The first is taken from the top of the Princess lift in the Megeve ski area. It was taken in the afternoon of the 13th March. In the foreground is some of the ski area in the St Gervais sector and the background is Mont Blanc, the very top hidden by cloud.

The next was taken a few days later from the end of Lac Passy on a lovely afternoon, warm enough to encourage young paddlers.


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