A bike ride round Lake Constance 5 Rorschach and return to Konstanz

We were told breakfast at Hotel Mozart started at 07.00. We were there at about 7.30. This was our last day cycling and it was our shortest day, so we were in no hurry. There was the most limited buffet we had seen on our trip. In part this might have been because as we were leaving at about 8 o’clock a greater selection of food was just being brought out. Well, I guess we had had sufficient but still…

We were quite prepared to give Rorschach another chance as we cycled away. We looked for interesting things but it continued to disappoint. The two things that did attract me were the sand sculpture statue remaining after a sand sculpture festival

Sun worshippers sand sculpture

Sun worshippers sand sculpture

and the wooden bathing house built in 1924 and still in use.img_20160924_175030808_hdr

A real pleasant surprise of this day was finding and exploring the town or Arbon. As we approached the town we noticed the number and range of water birds, teal, mallards and loads of heron.

Coming into Arbon along cycle path

Coming into Arbon along cycle path

Arbon was very attractive both in terms of the well kept gardens, municipal and private, and in terms of the old streets and houses.img_20160925_093604832 img_20160925_092124294

After Arbon we once again cycled through orchards dripping with bright coloured apples. The scale of production was brought home to us when we passed a packing station near Egnach. img_20160925_100557812Our next stop was Romanshorn, a bustling industrial port. It has a railway museum in the large shunting yards and the port has ferry boats leaving frequently.

Romanshorn harbour

Romanshorn harbour

We stopped by the harbour and watched our co-cycling Icelanders cycle past and the other bustle of the port. It was Switzerland so I was not to surprised when we were charged 10 Euros for 2 coffees; we did not have any Swiss francs left.

At Utwil we were lucky to see a steam train waiting at the station.img_20160925_113219888_hdr

Just before we crossed the border into Germany at Konstanz we rode through the town of Kreuzlingen. It was a sunny Sunday so everyone was out in the air and the lakeside gardens were busy.img_20160925_134032707

We were now only a few hundred metres from the German border and Hotel Barbarossa, the same one we stayed in at the start of our tour. We arrived at the hotel about 14.00 and they kindly let us leave our things in our room and gave us a bottle of wine gift from our travel company. We travelled with only hand baggage so had to consume it before we left; big problem NOT and we drank it with our meal that night!

The rest of the afternoon and next morning we spent more time looking round Konstanz. But first we went to the Rosgarten Museum, we had an entrance ticket as part of our tour. It is an excellent place to get a view of the long history of the town and the way it was in times past. After that we went down to the gardens by the harbour, to have a celebratory beer and watch the wide variety of boats jostling around in the water, in and just outside the harbour. Noisy, fast, hooting ferries mixed with sedate elegant yachts of many different designs, tiny motorboats on hire and even pedalos all doing their own thing.

Konstanz has a long history and this is one of the old entrance gates



Probably the most striking building in Konstanz is the Munster. I took a trip up the tower all 300 steps or so. Magnificent views from the top and of the bells on the way up. I was just passing them at 11 o clock!img_20160925_171256487

But the real attraction of Konstanz, in my view is the lakeimg_20160925_173819179 and the bridge over the Rhine.img_20160925_173829431

In summary we cycled 232 km in the 5 days. It was easy terrain so this distance was no great exertion. We were lucky with the weather; dry throughout and mostly sunny and warm. The views were spectacular and it was a great mix of history, culture, nature, exercise and comfort in the hotels. I would recommend it highly as an unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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