A bike ride round Lake Constance 4 Wasserburg to Rorschach

This was the fifth day of our tour and we started it with a full breakfast, as usual. And we set off around 08.30, also as usual. The day was misty to start with but it later cleared up and became pleasantly warm; warm enough for me to take a swim in the lake at Bregenz, off a wooden bathing pier. Being mid-September all of the special bathing areas, lidos, around the lake were closed for the season. This was probably the day with the widest variety of scenery and we cycled through 3 countries in one day.

Our first stop was in nearby Wasserburg with its church

Parish church of St George in Wasserburg

Parish church of St George in Wasserburg

and collection of strange metal sculptures.

One of many hand and body part sculptures

One of many hand and body part sculptures

We then travelled through more orchards heavy with fruit and soon came to Lindau island. We rode out over a bridge parallel to the railway. Once on the island we lost our path and ended up in a yard full of garden statues and other bric a brac with no through route. We doubled back, crossed the railway and reached the harbour with its much photographed harbour entrance and lighthouse.

Lindau Island harbour entrance

Lindau Island harbour entrance

This was a Saturday morning and the place was packed so we did not stay there long but headed for the main street Maximillian Strasse. There were plenty of delightful old houses along this street but the highlight was the old town hall.

Old Town hall in Lindau

Old Town hall in Lindau dating back to 1422

We meet the Icelandic cycling group at the market and exchanged ideas on how to get off the island, amongst other things. While we bought some apples, they cycled off. We followed later and crossed back to the mainland via the road bridge.

We soon found the ubiquitous bike route signssignand continued our journey. The path from Lindau to Bregenz is just about all along the edge of the lake on a fine tarmac path which we shared, this being Saturday morning, with every Karl, Klaus and Hans. It was very busy but also pleasantly warm. I could not resist taking a photo back towards Lindauimg_20160924_110756551

and ahead towards Bregenz and across the end of the lake. The dark smudge in the sky is the Alps but we did not get any clearer view later in the day.img_20160924_110825834

The water looks inviting even now and shortly after this I took a swim.

In Bregenz there is a cable car to a high viewing point but we decided it was not worth it because visibility was not good. Instead, we had a coffee nearby the Seebuhne, the festival floating stage, and watched people for a while.

Leaving Bregenz was a little confusing cycling through car parks, sports fields and nature reserves. Eventually we crossed river Bregenzerachimg_20160924_124245669_hdr

and rode around the town of Hard. After Hard we reached and rode alongside the Lustenauer Canal for a couple of kms,

Canal path

Canal path

looking down on houses and factories that must have been quite exposed to flood risks. Shortly after crossing that we crossed the river Rhine.


Rhine flowing towards Lake Constance

We were still in Austria but, after crossing the wide flat Rhine delta land, we arrived in Switzerland. After the bridge we had two possible paths and we chose the one that was closest to the lake and took us through the flat rich agricultural land of the river delta. We must have passed almost every type of crop ranging from Christmas trees to strawberries. There was also a fair variety of wildlife. I saw a snake, deer, and storks as well as the usual suspects.

Just after we arrived in Switzerland our guide book drew our attention to a market hall in Altenrhein designed by Hundertwasser (full name  Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser), an Austrian architect renown for his distaste of straight lines.img_20160924_152418467

Our hotel was in Rorschach – the Hotel Mozart.

Hotel Mozart

Hotel Mozart

We were not very impressed by Rorschach or by our hotel. The hotel was comfortable enough but was right next to the railway track and the service was quite indifferent and the town had little to offer. After arrival we took a look around the town looking for a place to eat but found nowhere suitable at all. And apart from attractive lakeside parks there was little to see. So, we had a beer by the lake and ate in our hotel. The food was okay but pricey for what it was; but this is Switzerland.

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