Close to a perfect day skiing in Chamonix

The weather has been quite drear and wet for the last week or more in the Chamonix valley. Most of the ski areas have been closed or partially open because of avalanche risks and high winds on high, and there has been low cloud most of the time in the valley. Friday morning was no exception with the cloud when I set out but the weather forecast promised some brightness so I travelled, in hope. to La Flegere.

The cloud was still down when I arrived at the lift. In the cable car going up I was assaulted by senseless, unnecessary, overuse of “awesome” and “like”. Examples being “So I like had a coffee. It was 2 Euro” “Awesome”. “Like, I was like in the toilet so, like, I could hear like what they were saying” “Awesome”. “Your ski gloves are awesome”. It was non-stop and made me feel like nauseous!

At the top there was some cloud around when I first arrived and I took a few runs down into the meadow where there were few skiers. Then the cloud lifted and the sun was shining on the higher slopes. There was only one chair lift going high up, L’Index. There was a sizable queue but the snow was powdery and deep and the off piste was (nearly used the A word there) magnificently good. I did several runs following different routes every time. The views were also terrific and I took a couple of snaps.



It seemed just about perfect.  I stopped for a rest and a drink as the cloud came down again. In the afternoon I skied over to Brevent where there fewer pistes and lifts open but I still found some good off piste, although in one spot I had an encounter with a small but firmly secured wooden stick. Hitting it stopped one ski, which came off, and I somersaulted down the hill with the other ski on. The snow was soft so no damage, but also deep, so getting back up the hill was a rather undignified struggle and it happened right under a chair lift!!

Here’s hoping for, like, more days and conditions like today and, like, fewer wooden sticks and “awesomes”.


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