Going to the toilet and the Sitzpinkler

This blog is about an everyday activity: the process of emptying one’s bladder. Some may consider it impolite or offensive to write about this bodily function, so if you feel you are one of these people then please stop reading now.
I guess that first paragraph will have reduced the readership by less than 1% because, in my experience, this is a subject that everyone is curious about. There is a clue to this in the enormous number of euphemisms there are about the function. I think there are probably very few households where there has not been some discussion about the subject of a man’s aiming ability. To a woman, it must seem very simple, but where fluid dynamics meets human anatomy some strange and unpredictable effects occur.
In the outside world, while hiking for example, men have an undoubted anatomical advantage over women but there are external factors such as nettles and thorns, and wind can be very disruptive. On one occasion, in a gale, a sudden change of wind direction was catastrophic. Let me just say I was glad I had on waterproof gear and my mouth shut!
What has brought the subject to my attention recently is a Court ruling in Germany that men have a right to stand up whilst peeing. This emerged from a case, brought by a landlord against a tenant, where damage had been caused to the bathroom floor by urine surrounding the toilet. The judge ruled in favour of the tenant saying that it was (still) normal practice for men to stand up to urinate (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30937492).  He added men who insist on standing “must expect occasional rows with housemates, especially women” but cannot be held to account for collateral damage.
The word ‘still’ was used because in Germany there are notices in some public toilets asking men to sit down while peeing. After seeing this cartoon, I found this request probably needs to be a bit more explicit. 250px-Sitzpinkler
It also appears to be where German men and women are more vocal in their discussions on the subject, which explains why the German language has a word for a man who sits down to pee – Sitzpinkler. This term is used in everyday language to mean wimp.

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2 Responses to Going to the toilet and the Sitzpinkler

  1. Dafydd Charles says:

    Both of my lads are settled sitzpinklers!! The elder one mended his ways shortly after he realised (at about 5 years old) that the excuse of ‘it just went off in my hand’ was insufficiently robust in the face of the ire of the ‘person who does the cleaning’!! “It’s not a Colt 45” was all that was required…

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