Surprise find – Dull Mens Club

As a bloke who previously looked for a considerable time at the Sheds of the Year collection, found whilst browsing the web, the Dull mens club ( find was a real treat. Among lots of other, undoubtedly dull, but curiously absorbing and often amusing, items were the following

  • The fact that tomorrow, 3rd November, is US and Canada National Fill Your Staplers Day. I must diarise that!
  • News that Steve Wheeler’s shed extension is now underway. Steve is adding 24ft to his already 80ft garden shed, to allow him to add to his massive milk bottle collection, apparently standing at around 17,500 items thus far.
  • The fact that the Traffic Cone Preservation Society has produced a field guide to traffic cones. David Morgan is an avid collector of over 500 cones. He said in a recent interview “It’s really interesting. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours. And the models are always changing. I’ll find out where the roadworks are and go and look for them. But the best ones are from more unusual places, like village halls and from undertakers – who always have different ones, and look after them. Everywhere I go, I collect them, but I always take new ones with me and swap them. I would never pinch one, as they’re a safety product.”
  • A link to a Swedish Volvo tractor playing Sweet Georgia Brown
  • And a handy guide to airport carousels, detailing in a world wide compilation whether carousels rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
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