Speed-reading that really works… really

I have just found a new approach to this subject and I think it is staggeringly good; so brilliant I want to share it. It really works for me and I think it is likely to revolutionise the way we read things on computers, phones etc.

My history with trying to speed-read goes back a long way. I think my first brush with the concept and attempt to do it was linked with the rumour that President Kennedy was using it. This gives you some idea of the length of time involved. Although I must have read a couple of books on the subject and practised different techniques, I never was really convinced that I was really reading faster. I think I was just skimming the text and probably missing key words and ideas. In the intervening 30 years or more I had more or less forgotten about the idea. So when my daughter told me about a new piece of software that enabled speedier reading on computer screens I had to take a look. Please, see for yourself. Take a look at the Spritz website and click “to spritz” to try it out for yourself.


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