Spring time in the Chamonix valley

We have been in the Chamonix valley for about 10 days now.  All this week the weather has been distinctly spring-like, sunny and quite warm; quite unlike the weather we hear that we left behind in UK. As an example, today (Thursday) we went to Les Houches. The snow was so wet in the early afternoon that on the Col de Voza piste skis were being held back in some places. In the valley the temperature was 15C late in the afternoon.

Mont Buet from Brevent taken 7/1/13

Mont Buet from Charles Bozon piste, Brevent taken 7/1/13

The Christmas/New Year period was exceptionally busy; crowds of people everywhere. One day I was at Les Houches skiing and spent 25 minutes standing in a drag lift queue and that was not particularly exceptional. This week I have hardly found a queue anywhere and I have visited all the resorts in the valley. The snow cover is not brilliant and with the warm weather it is mostly hard and icy in the morning and damp and heavy in the afternoon. But there is still loads of interesting skiing to be had, and the views are wonderful.

View across Chamonix Valley from Floria piste, Flegere

View across Chamonix Valley from Floria piste, Flegere

Beware of exposed rocks off-piste though.

It has not been a notable period in terms of unusual events. I saw a pisteur jump about 30 feet off a chair lift at Flegere, landing seemingly unharmed in fairly deep snow. I also travelled on a chair lift with a man who had just found a wallet on the snow with 200 Euros in it. We discussed how he could locate the owner and we looked through the ID information on the chair, but no phone numbers or address. He said he was going to hand it in to the Gendarmes.

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