The importance of string

I know there is a theoretical model of the nature of matter in the universe called String Theory. This blog is not about that theory.

My string theory is less grand and simpler. It is that, as one ages, saving and re-using string becomes more important. Actually, now I come to write this I am not sure that re-use is part of the compulsion. It is the saving it that matters.


I first observed the effect of this theory on my grandfather who, I recall, used to spend hours untying recalcitrant knots so that the string would be in a condition for re-use at some future time. I discovered, after his death, that he had a drawer full of string segments. He also had an excessive store of brown paper. Maybe there is scope here for a brown paper extension to my theory. More work needed on this!

Later in my life, and after her move into a care home, I discovered that my mother had also doggedly accumulated a great deal of string. I have no memory of her doing this in earlier years, in accordance with my theory.

Finally, as I get older I find I am saving string too. I don’t know what it is that is making me think this is a necessary thing to do. But I feel an urgent imperative not to throw away any string. I cannot think of any evolutionary advantage in having lots of pieces of string in later life, but maybe I need a more active imagination. Perhaps this is just a specific case of turning into one’s parents as one gets older. I wonder if the condition is curable? Or maybe, it is a genetic thing and not a general human characteristic. Is the condition shared by anyone else?

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