Goodbye Worm

The walk along the coast, between Rhossili and Port Eynon, is, in my view, one of the best walks on Gower. So it was bound to be one of my must-dos in saying Goodbye to Gower before I move away. On a Sunday, there is a different bus timetable and route from other days so I was able to take a bus direct from Port Eynon to Rhossili and walk back home. It was a great day for walking; some cloud but mostly sunny and a cooling breeze. With some stops for pictures, it took me just over 2 hours.

Rhossili was busy and the car park fairly full but by the time I rounded the stone wall into Fall Bay it was quiet and beyond Thurba Head I saw only 7 people in two groups.

Worms Head from Rhosilli cliffs

Worms Head from Rhossili cliffs

I am very pleased to report that I saw at least three pairs of choughs on the first half of my walk. These were very rare when I first came here. I am less confident about a glimpse of a small bird that I spotted just by Long Hole Cave. It looked to me just like a Dartford warbler but I cannot be sure. I also saw loads of common blue butterflies and quite a few Painted Ladies.

Worms Head from near Fall Bay

Worms Head from near Fall Bay

Fall Bay and the coast towards Port Eynon

Fall Bay and the coast towards Port Eynon

This is a walk I will definitely miss, but I am sure I will find adequate replacements in Dorset.

This afternoon, after a morning preparing for our move, I went windsurfing to say goodbye to the Bay. It was the first time for a little while and I had forgotten what a struggle it is dragging the gear up Port Eynon hill after a time on the water. This is one activity that will not be missed!

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