Saying goodbye to Gower and bad Gumtree experience

We have just exchanged contracts to sell our house on Gower. We have been living here full time for about 12 years but have been spending time here for much longer. So we know it pretty well.

There are many things about Gower I will miss and some I will miss less. I think we will not be coming back soon, so this really is the start of a short period of saying goodbye. I started my goodbye activity on Sunday by taking a walk along the coast path towards Oxwich. It was Bank Holiday Sunday and a lovely sunny day so Port Eynon/Horton beach was crowded. But the footpaths were only lightly populated and it was a very pleasant walk.

I have been very taken by the advice from a recent TV programme on exercise. This was that to stay healthy  everyone should walk at least 10,000 steps a day (see also During this walk I timed my pacing and found I was walking around 6500 steps an hour and I was walking for just over 2 hours so I have steps in hand this week.

I think I know the footpaths on Gower pretty well and I must have walked the vast majority of them. But there is still the odd one that is new and, on this walk, I followed a new one, for me. It goes between the village green at Oxwich Green and Oxwich Point, and that day I decided to follow it. It made a pleasant change and I discovered that it gives you options of descending/ascending (depending on direction), directly to the Coastal Path and missing out the Point, itself. The alternative path that goes past Oxwich Castle is probably preferable from the views on offer, but this path offers more cliff top walking. the cliffs with memorable views back towards Port Eynon/Horton Bay

View towards Port Eynon point from cliffs over Oxwich point

View towards Port Eynon point from cliffs over Oxwich point

Today, another lovely sunny day, gave me a chance to tick off another of my goodbye must-dos. It was high tide around 10 this morning so perfect for a morning swim. The beach was not crowded at that time but there were enough people around to give the beach a happy vibe, kids screaming and oldies, who maybe should know better, catching waves with little surfboards. The water was a perfect temperature and I thoroughly enjoyed my swim.

As I came off the beach there was quite a huddle of vehicles trying to launch boats and suffering a range of misfortunes including getting stuck in the soft sand of the upper beach. Further up the beach I was amused to see a largish group of older people sitting on the benches watching this scene closely, making ribald comments and laughing loudly.

With an imminent move, and downsizing to boot, we have been sorting and chucking stuff out. Much of this stuff is perfectly serviceable and local charity shops are benefitting. I have been trying to sell some of the better things on Ebay or Gumtree and I have advertised some things in the “freebies” Gumtree section. The first experience, an old non-digital TV with digibox, went quickly and the recipients were very grateful but asked if we had been plagued by people saying they were interested but not turning up. We said no, but since then we have had 4 no-shows and I have stopped offering things for free now. I do not know what people think when they do this unless it is some kind of effort to stop this free trade. If it is, it has succeeded with me.

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