The cafe at the Tower, Meridian Quay, Swansea

The Tower at Meridium Quay was completed four years ago and there has been a cafe at the top ever since. Although, the first restaurant and cafe went broke a few years back. I went up there for the first time last week and was very impressed by the whole experience. The views are absolutely fantastic and the building itself is an impressive achievement. It is 29 storeys and is 107m high, the highest building in Wales, it appears. It cost £40m to build and it mostly comprises apartments, the highest one being reported as selling for £1m. Here is a picture of it being built

Picture taken May 2008

Picture taken May 2008

What surprises me most about it is the lack of promotion. I Googled “tourist attractions Swansea” and 19 items come up at the top of the search and the Tower is not one of them. (Incidentally, three of the 19 items have not even bothered to put up a photo! which seems pretty poor.) Nor does it appear as one of the 13 pictures that heads up the Tourism Swansea Bay website. I could not find a mention of it on the official tourist website for Swansea, either. I would have thought the highest building in Wales was worth a mention.

This tends to confirm my general impression that the tourism industry in Wales is not acting anywhere near optimally. This is the kind of view that should be being widely promoted and attracting loads of visitors.

View estward towards the docks

View eastward towards the docks

I would encourage anyone to seek out the entrance (not easily done, I walked right round the bottom before I decided that a rather uninviting door was actually the way in) and go up to take a coffee or a meal at the top. The cafe/restaurant is called The Grape and Olive. It really is worth it.

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4 Responses to The cafe at the Tower, Meridian Quay, Swansea

  1. I live round the corner from the tower and have had two rather dissapointing visits to The Grape and Olive. The views are truly amazing, but the food and service are less than impressive! I look forward to the day when a decent restaruant takes over the premises.

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