Chamonix Mont Blanc staggering new records

The Chamonix valley appears to have gone a little crazy recently with two new records being set for the journey between the town centre and the top of Mont Blanc. This is apparently a distance fo 14km and an altitude change of just over 3000m.

Towards the end of April two french skiers, Antoine Montegani and Nicolas Anthonioz, set a new record for the journey from the top of Mont Blanc to the centre of Chamonix, actually the Church next to the tourist office. They made the descent in 32 minutes!!!! Crazy. If you want to see a video clip here is the link

They, reputedly, had been planning this for 3 years but maybe the plan was not so complete because they got lost in the trees on the way down, then did not know the way to the church and had to ask a passer-by.

A few weeks after this, in May, another Frenchman, Mathéo Jacquemoud  broke the record for the return trip. He took an unbelieveable 5 hours 5 minutes to go, on foot (and skis), from the Chamonix church to the top of Mont Blanc and back again. It took him around an hour to reach the snow level after leaving the church and encountered temperatures of around -20C on the top. He beat the previous record, set in 2003, by 10 minutes and paid tribute to the previous record holder Stephane Brosse, who died on Mont Blanc in June 2012 while attempting another record.

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