Au revoir skiing and Chamonix valley

Since my last post the weather has been quite varied but, from a skiing perspective, quite amazing for this time of year. The wet spell, commented on previously, has been creating masses of snow on the slopes so, when cloud and fog permits,  skiing conditions have been great.

The day before yesterday, Mrs D and I had a wonderful day at Grands Montets. Above Lognan the snow was powdery and although the off-piste had been quite well tracked it was still very skiable. I do not think I have ever seen the snow so deep. There were many places, where I normally expect to see rocks breaking through the off-piste, with no sign of them whatsoever. Also, it was possible to ski routes I couldn’t ski in previous years because of exposed rocks.


Looking up the Pylones run from just below the top of the Herse, not a rock in sight!

Quite amazing! The notable event for Mrs D was skiing the black Chamois run in the afternoon, with some style and ease.

Yesterday, I returned to Grands Montets but had less success. I arrived after lunch and seemed to be chasing the sun and brightness around the resort. At the bottom of a run I could see areas of brightness which disappeared before I could reach them. The snow remained in excellent condition and I enjoyed the runs, although  off-piste on Lavancher in thick fog was a “challenge”.

On Easter Monday we mixed with the crowds at Le Tour. The car park was full before we arrived, around 10 in the morning, so we drove back down to Argentiere, parked there and caught a ski bus up to the resort. This worked very well and we had a great ski around in the sunshine. Very strangely the salle hors sac was shut that day and for the rest of the season. I don’t know what they can be thinking. As a form of mute protest we went into the restaurant, sat down and brazenly picnicked. Although spotted by several staff, nobody made any comment.

For the past 10 days, builders have been converting an apartment inside our block. Judging by the noise they have been making, it is more a case of demolition and rebuilding than conversion. This noise has been very intrusive and has gone on until 8pm some evenings. We think this quite unreasonable and I have complained. To be fair, after the complaint they did stop drilling, for that evening anyway. There is also construction work underway outside our block, with a new chalet being built. The work here has not been so obstrusive, partly because they are working normal working hours. However, this group of workers start at 8 and the flat renovators start at 10. We have just about had enough and decided to quit the valley a week earlier than planned.

So, au revoir skiing for this season. In all I have been out skiing 40 days this year. I suspect I am getting out less as I get older!

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