This morning I had the pleasure to squeeze one more brushful of paste from a tube that appeared to be finished 5 days ago. In fact, I think at that stage “the wife” suggested it should be discarded! For me, getting an extra day or two from a terminal toothpaste tube makes my day, it is a highspot. I know, what a saddo! Anyway on the back of this success I chose to look around on the web for stuff that was toothpaste related and, as is usual when you start looking, you find masses of weird stuff. I thought I might share some of it in this blog.
I started by looking into the history of toothpaste and came upon the specialist and quite esoteric website which has an excellent history section. I will not repeat the detail from that website here, but I will pass on a tip from the site that was apparently well-known nearly 2000 years ago and I think is probably not so well-known now:-
Washing your teeth with the blood from a tortoise three times a year is a sure bet against toothaches.
I have also been surprised to read about the many alternative uses imaginative people have found for toothpaste. Many of the uses are quite obvious but I never thought it could be used to remove scratches from CDs, for example, but see ( There is quite a lot written about using toothpaste to treat spots, not all of it recommending this treatment. For the curious a collection of various uses can be found at (
What was really quite an eye-opener for me though was the range of toothpaste tube squeezers on the market. This does not appear to me to be among the most difficult or strenuous of daily tasks, but there are several alternative devices to alleviate even this low-level effort. This device works rather like a sardine tin opener and rolls the toothpaste tube up

Chrome plated toothpaste roller

Chrome plated toothpaste roller

This one is more sophisticated but is also probably much more messy especially in a house with children or perhaps older people! and I doubt it will be very successful in dragging out the very last scrap of paste.



But “The Daddy” of all the devices I have seen is this

Rolls Royce of toothpaste tube squeezers

Rolls Royce of toothpaste tube squeezers

Hand made in Italy by Cedes, this butch, chrome steel device costs around 300 US dollars. I found it on an interesting website Personally I will stick to my tried and tested methods of extracting the very last drop of paste in a manual fashion.

I wrote the above yesterday and last evening and this morning I managed to extract some more toothpaste from the same tube. It might have cost me a hernia but RESULT.

Before closing this blog I should just mention a website that offers a cartoon a day. I am sorry but they usually miss the funny mark for me but maybe “do it” for others. It certainly has quite a following.

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