Combloux and a piste bike!

Combloux is quite an up-market ski resort, in my view. It is fairly low-lying and gets loads of sun, being essentially south-facing. The ski runs are not too demanding, generally, and most of the lifts are chair lifts; button or drag lifts are few and far between. It is part of the same ski area as Megeve, which is the poshest of the posh; lots of poodles and mink coats on parade. We went to Combloux today and found the skiing more testing than normal because it had rained in the night and the pistes were rock-hard and icy-smooth. The weather was bright but there was a keen cold wind. Views were as spectacular as ever

The biggest mountain, centre picture is Mont Blanc

The highest mountain, centre picture is Mont Blanc

We had one of our longest skiing days of the holiday so far including one long piste where the piste marker started at number 65

The start of a long piste

According to a website I found this piste is 5.6km long, although I thought the general rule was that piste markers are about 100m apart, which would make it rather longer than that. All in all, just taking the piste lengths from the website, we travelled 20.1km (12.5 miles) today but this does not include skiing up the odd drag lift and some travelling between pistes. We used 11 different lifts and some more than once. Here is one of the ones we did not use

Ravine chairlift not working

This is the Ravine chair lift; the newest in the resort and the one that had stopped working about 5 minutes before we arrived. This lift was installed at a cost of 2.9 million Euros in 2011. It was manufactured by Poma, a French company, and is 700 metres long and capable of moving 2400 people per hour. We were advised that it would be “some time” before it would start again so we took a skiing detour down the longest green piste (easiest piste) I have known; over 3km.

Midway through the day we saw a cyclist riding up one of the pistes as we passed over it on a chair lift. I have never seen this before and a few minutes later, while I was skiing down another piste, the biker RODE past me, as I waited at the side of the piste, keeping well out of the way. Quite extraordinary!

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