Grand parenting and Brevent

Last night I became a grand parent for the first time. Our daughter produced a grand-daughter for us, after a long labour. Happily, both mother and baby are well and recovering rapidly from the ordeal. They are in Sydney, so it will be a little while before I meet the newest member of my family. I find it a strange experience; with emails, texts and Skype we will be able to maintain contact of a kind, but it will still be remote. I suppose in previous centuries, in similar circumstances, I would only have found out about the birth many months after the event, if at all. Anyway, I am taking my new responsibilities very seriously and have already found a host of websites like and that I might join.

Today was mostly brilliantly sunny after a fair fall of snow overnight. I went to Brevent and had a great time. On the Charlenon side of the Cornu lift there seems to be a new unpisted black piste in an area that I have skied off piste before.

New unpisted piste at Brevent

The snow there was fantastic and I took a couple of runs down it before it was tracked out.

By the time I decided to ski the Charles Bozon run the cloud had accumulated in the valley giving some spectacular views

View from top of Brevent cable car towards Aiguille Verte

View from top of Brevent cable car towards Aiguille Verte

Spectacular snow looking toward Fiz

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