All the lifts Les Planards, and hokey cokey

Today was very cold but mostly sunny. I took a trip into Chamonix to tick off all three lifts at Les Planards. This does not sound too demanding and indeed was not. However, I had never been on two of the lifts before, so there was at least an air of novelty about the visit. There was nothing remarkable about the skiing but on my way walking to the station I crossed over the river where stones were ice encrusted and I saw a dipper fly off up-stream. How do they survive in these cold conditions; circa minus 8?

Yesterday was equally cold and also quite sunny. I went to Argentiere and picked off the nursery lift at Les Chosalets, another first visit for me. After, I went up to Lognan where it was so cold my skis did not run properly. The snow conditions were great however and there was masses of powder around. This is what it was like at the top of Bochard

View to le Tour and the end of the Chamonix valley from Bochard

View to le Tour and the end of the Chamonix valley from Bochard

I had a good ski around but found the deep snow quite tiring as well as enjoyable. I will have to return to complete the tick list of lifts here.

Walking back to catch the bus, and then the train home, I passed a house and I thought the scene illustrated the height of the snow base at Argentiere.

Chalet in Argentiere


Waiting for the train at the station in Chamonix I paid particular attention to the danger sign that I must have looked at hundreds of times before

Danger sign

Why is this person doing the hokey cokey on the railway line? Looking up “hokey cokey” on Wikipedia I have discovered there is controversy about the origin of this song/dance. One source says it was composed/invented in 1940. Others claim that there were similar songs and dances in the 17th century. Whatever, I have heard that after the originator died it took the undertakers 6 hours to get him into his coffin…




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