More snow and all the lifts at Flegere

Yesterday was cloudy with some snow. Today was predicted to be the same but with more snow, and so it has turned out. After no skiing yesterday, I was keen to get out today, regardless of conditions. I took the train then the train/bus to Le Praz to go to Flegere and complete my tick list for all the lifts there. Visibility was not good but I have skied in much worse and the snow was abundant, powdery and lots of fun. You can get some idea of conditions from these two pictures

Start of Floria Black piste

Start of Floria Black piste

Top of L'Index lift

Top of L’index lift

I have summarised the details of all the Flegere lifts in an open access csv file for anyone who wants more statistics ( and a summary is below

Lift Type End hgt (m) Gain(m) Length (m) Date
Praz/Flégère Cable car 1900 838 2075 1953
Index Chair 2396 504 1476 2006
Trappe Chair 1918 177 788 1999
Evettes Chair 1983 302 625 1981
Chavanne Chair 2087 256 700 1986
Floria Button 2487 127 420 2001

I was skiing for about an hour and a half at Flegere and managed to ski the black Floria, Lachenal, the Stade and Evettes, with some off piste snatched on the way. I then skied over to Brevent for a bit of off piste under the Charlenon lift, then skied down to Chamonix on the Nants Black piste, which was open for once but still managed to have a scattering of stones on many of the bends. I think, judging by my ski bases, that I managed to dodge them all but maybe the snow was deep enough that they did not do any damage.

It was a good day considering the conditions and I now have 16 lifts to do from the total of 65.

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