All the lifts at Brevent

Today was forecast to be gloomy with snow later and, as I write this, it has arrived, falling quietly and steadily outside. However, the last two days have been sunny just about all day with excellent skiing conditions. We have been skiing at Brevent and Flegere both days and I have completed my visits to all the lifts at Brevent and the nursery area Savoy. I still have a couple of lifts to visit in Flegere but I am not trying to do this against the clock; so no hurries.

As previously, I have collected what statistics I can find about the lifts and have put them in an open access csv file and I will update it if I find data that I think are more reliable. The file can be accessed using the link

A brief summary is as follows

Type Start height Height gain(m) Year
Cham./Planpraz Telecabin 1090 905 2008
Planpraz/Brév. Cable car 1991 510 1987
Liaison Brévent/Flégère Cable car 1719 103 1996
Parsa Chair 1761 313 1989
Charlanon Chair 1781 190 2000
Col cornu Chair 1401 429 2007
Altitude 2000 Button 1985 85
Stade Button 1860 166 1975
Sources Chair 1790 190 2002
Samaran Button 1046 54
Savoy Button 1046 84
Tapis Neige Carpet 1050

I have started to collect information on the age of the lifts and if I find more I will add to the open access files.

The Charles Bozon piste and off-piste was in excellent condition both days and provided an exhilarating ski. I enclose one picture of one of the button lifts at Brevent. I suspect this lift is quite old but I have not yet found any detail.

Teleski at brevent

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