All the ski lifts in Les Houches

It has been really crowded in the Chamonix valley over the New Year; the local paper has apparently declared it a new record for visitor numbers. I am not really surprised. I can’t recall it being busier.

Yesterday was a big contrast, therefore. I took a train to Les Houches to visit the Le Tourchet nursery slope ski lifts, to complete my list of  lifts in Les Houches, and there was nobody there! I took a few rides on each lift and skied down perfectly pisted slopes, as though the resort was my own, before catching a bus to Bellevue to finish off those lifts.

I have found it quite difficult to find detailed information on the lift system, such as altitude of the top and bottom of the lifts, so I have collected what I have found into an open access spreadsheet file for anyone else to use. The web address of this file is Some of the information from this file is below

Name of lift Type of lift End Height (m) Time taken (min)
Bellevue Cable car 1803 5.0
Col de Voza Chair 1889 7.2
Coupe du Monde Chair 1232 8.8
Ecole Chair 1805 2.5
Grand Tourchet Button 1068
Grands bois Button 1800 2.8
Kandahar Chair 1887 7.2
La Cha Button 1875 4.4
Le Crozat Chair 1889 8.6
Les Chamois Button 1870 3.4
Maison Neuve Chair 1570 8.7
Mont-Blanc Button 1810 2.0
Plancerts Button 1740 5.7
Prarion Telecabin 1842 7.0
Schuss des dames Chair 1759 3.6
Table Orientation Button 1850 4.2
Tapis Neige Carpet 1834 1.5
Telecorde du Col de Voza Drag rope 1650 1.4
Teleski Ecole (Tourchet) Button 1030

I think that some of this data is suspect because, for example, the top height of the Prarion lift is higher, in the list, than the top of the Col de Voza lift but one can schuss from the latter to the former! I will correct the spreadsheet and the summary above if I find more reliable information.

There was an inversion yesterday morning; cloudy and dull in the valley and bright sunshine on the mountain tops. Conditions at the top of Prarion were just about perfect. I could not resist taking another picture with the thick cloud down in the valley and the relatively empty ski slopes in the sun at the top.

Nursery slopes at Prarion with magic carpet "lift" to left of centre

Nursery slopes at Prarion with the Tapis Neige magic carpet “lift” to left of centre and the Ecole chair lift bottom (the wooden hut) on the right

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