Day 20 Readers, Resolution and Worms Head

When I look at the Stats page on my WordPress account (this gives a daily count of visits to ones blog pages), I am often surprised to see how many people are accessing my blogs. Checking up on visitor numbers is something I feel a bit guilty about, but I am quite convinced that all bloggers do it, not only the vain ones! Earlier today, for example, I saw that I had only two visitors, so far, and they were both from Thailand! I wonder how that worked?

Today I reach the end of my 20 day resolution to write a blog every day for this period. I cannot pretend that it has been all that arduous, totally unlike, for instance, 20 marathons in 20 days. But I have not found it that easy and have struggled sometimes to find “suitable” subjects; some might say that I have struggled and failed! I feel a faint glow of pride that I have succeeded and a slight worry that, in a wave of misplaced euphoria, I might immediately commit to another rash resolution. No worries; I think I have this level of euphoria completely under control.

Today was dry and bright, mostly anyway; a welcome change from the all-pervasive wetness of recent days. We went to Rhossili for a coffee and a stroll out to the Worms Head. (There seems to be some confusion as to which is correct Worm’s Head or Worms Head, both are used quite frequently. The Ordnance Survey uses Worms so I will stick with that.) It was quite mild and warm, moist air was slowly moving inland, so there were banks of mist rolling over the beach. It was very atmospheric. I took a picture, but my phone/camera did not really do it justice.

Rhossili beach My man-cold has reached a steady state of miserableness; bad enough for me to monopolise the sofa with a fleece throw, but not bad enough for me to be confined to bed or take medication or to feel justified in not getting firewood in from the garage.

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