Day 19 A skiing challenge and man cold

The end of my 20 day challenge approaches quickly and I am starting to think about my skiing holiday in the New Year. We are going to the Chamonix valley, as we have for the last 12 years, at least.Photo-0121

I think I need a challenge, to bring a little novelty to my visit next year. So, I have started collecting together a list of all the ski lifts and all the pistes in the valley, the intention being to challenge myself to ski on all of them during January. According to the Chamonix tourist office website, there are 108 km of piste and I have, so far, counted about 70 lifts. It is not a very big challenge, but I hope it will add interest and a sense of achievement. I have not found a single listing I could use on the web, so have had to collect together the information from different websites into a single spreadsheet. It is not quite complete yet and I need to add additional information such as the type of lift and the colour of the piste. So, it is work in progress and will give me something to work on when I am out there, if I manage to find sufficient energy in the evening. Usually I don’t.

Today is really dreary here, cloudy and wet. It provides the perfect backdrop to my developing cough/cold which started Monday. So far it is very much a man-cold and I hope it gets no worse. For those new to this term, and those that need a chuckle I offer this definition of Man cold from the website (

The name ‘man cold’ disguises the true terrible, debilitating disease that is the man cold. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or childrens’ cartoons. It is essential that they not move from bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and man cold medicine (such as chocolate biscuits, McDonalds, or a nice cup of tea) brought to them constantly by a nearby female.

I am cooking dinner tonight, poached fish with gherkin and caper sauce, I had better go and take some vitamin C, I think. Despite the quote above I find that’s slightly more effective than McDonalds!

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