Day 18 Golden Eagle strike and old wrongs don’t make a right

When I was on the Isle of Skye some years ago I stayed in a B&B on a smallholding. They kept chickens, goats and sheep. They told me the story of a golden eagle strike, right outside their kitchen window, that lost them one of their goat kids. The owner was washing up at the time and was suitably astounded. I thought of that incident when I found this video clip on WordPress

A different species of kid but the same bird species. Lucky escape I think! The video seems to be going viral and some people are suggesting it is a fake. Maybe, but it is a clever fake if it is one.

I am getting quite tired of resurrections of historic events with the intention of correcting previous wrongs. I still cannot believe that Tony Blair apologised for the Dresden Bombing in 2005. There are several others in the current public eye: Hillsborough, Savile and Bloody Sunday to mention a few. I am not suggesting that there was nothing wrong with what happened in these and other events, but I do think it very difficult to take into account the atmosphere and climate of opinion when these events happened so long ago. It may be unfair of me, but I suspect that the possibility of compensation is a consideration that is dragging up old events. I think there are enough injustices going on here and now without more resource being put into trying to right very old wrongs.

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