Day 17 Gardening! and progress with resolution

Today, I took the bus into Swansea to visit the library etc. On my way back, walking up the lane to our house, our neighbour was outside clipping his hedge; not a normal mid-winter activity, I thought, but never mind. Then, shortly after getting home, I heard the whine of a petrol driven lawnmower. Another neighbour was out cutting their grass! This is definitely not an activity for this time of year. What is going on around here?

On the bus coming back from Swansea we also saw our first lambs. Have we got our seasons mixed? It is still, depressingly, getting darker earlier each evening although, in a week’s time on the 22nd, sunsets will start to be later in the day. Interestingly, it will not be until the 5th January that sunrise starts to be earlier.

I have only two more blogs to go before I end my daily blogging resolution (a blog a day for 20 days). I must admit I have struggled on some days to find “content”. I suspect this has been apparent from the daily word-count, which has probably plummeted; no bad thing maybe.

My other two resolutions, to exercise and do something that makes me happy every day, have also been largely met so far. Some of the happy moments were things I would have done anyway, so were slight cheats perhaps. However, I still think the idea to be a really positive approach toward more positivity.

I am much obliged to my son for sending me this amusing link just double click on it. And, finally, I feel I have to share an Uxbridge English new definition from the latest edition of “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”

Hindsight – new meaning “builders’ cleavage”

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