Day 16 Homeland and solar eclipse

I caught the penultimate episode of the Channel 4 series Homeland last night. I have enjoyed both series so far and watched them religiously. But I was very disappointed to find that there is going to be a Series 3. What has happened so far is good, but I feel I do not want to suspend my disbelief for another series; enough already. Perhaps I will change my mind later. Incidentally, I discovered about Series 3 by finding a dedicated Homeland website ( which, as you might expect, gives you loads of guff about the series. I did manage to restrain myself from looking at any information about the last episode of this series, including watching a video clip. However, I was tempted. The site contains a polygraph test which you can try out yourself. I did’nt.

This is an amazing clip from the NASA APOD website. It shows a total eclipse in time lapse. It was taken in Australia in November this year. I have seen two total eclipses; one when I was at school and I seem to recall we had glass plates coated with candle soot to peer through and gathered in the play ground at the due time. But I do not recall much else about the event. The other one was about 15-20 years ago and it happened around noon, I think, while I was at work. Everybody collected outside to watch it and at the moment of total eclipse it became dark, cool and eerily silent.

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