Day 14 Chemical rhyme, Quiz night and guns

I came across this “chemical” verse sometime ago and wrote it down in my diary. I am afraid I cannot provide a reference, although perhaps the author will not be too bothered…

Albert thought life a bore / drank some H2SO4 / Mother, knowing chemistry / gave him MgCO3 / Now he’s neutralised it’s true / But he’s full of CO2

I thought it quite amusing. But, then again, I am a chemist so I know what the symbols mean and, being a chemist, I am a bit of an anorak.

The quiz last night was good fun, although some of the questions were fiendishly difficult and/or tricky. I have to emphasise this point because my team finished bottom! An example question was, “How many items did the recipient in the 12 days of Christmas receive?” The answer is not 78, as our team thought, but 364 because each day they get the new days’ gifts plus those of the preceding days. I wonder if it is a coincidence that this is one less than the number of days in a year – probably. If you count the pear tree as one of the items, which I suppose you should, the answer becomes 376. But, then one might say, what about the drummers drums, because they can hardly be drumming on nothing? Then, what were the maids a’ milking?

In view of the recent tragedy at the school in the USA, I thought this image posted on Google+ by Richard Branson was very apposite image001

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