Day 13 Hospital appointment and quiz night

Most of the morning was spent at the local hospital for Mrs D’s appointment. The lady doctor was very good and carefully explained the position as she saw it which was rather at variance with previous positions, but made sense and was generally re-assuring. So we came away with another referral in 4 months. The most stressful thing was seeing lots of other clearly very ill, old people struggling along and I just thought I do not want to be like that. Also, I found it strange that bed-bound patients, in their beds, were being pushed along narrow corridors clearly used on a daily basis as a waiting area for consultations. One of them had very few bed-clothes. I averted my gaze but Mrs D reported that he had inch long toe nails. I don’t know why that made me feel so awful, but it did.

This evening will be quite stressful in a fun kind of way. There is a RNLI supper and quiz night in the village hall with a hideous jumper competition, perhaps inspired by the TV series “The Killing”. Unfortunately my “Christmas Snowflake jumper”, which would have won hands-down is not with me at present. I will substitute a far-from hideous but very, very chunky hand knitted Aran; a hand-me-up from my son. A quick look at the Wikipedia site ( indicates that Aran jumpers are probably not traditional fisherman’s garb at all. Instead Aran knitting started around 1900 by an enterprising group of island women and the first knitting patterns were not published until the 1940s.

I always find quizzes stressful. I think, as do most other people, that I know the answer to most questions. But, in a team, it is difficult to know how adamant to be. In the end I tend to the default position of quietly mentioning my answer and giving way quickly, saving my venom for “I told you so”. Tonight I will try to be more “whatever” and just enjoy the ambience and mulled wine.

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  1. Cath says:

    Really enjoyed reading that


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