Day 7 Kate’s nurse and Dave Brubeck

What a tragic thing to happen to Kate’s nurse who was fooled by the radio “prank”. But, am I the only person who feels that the press outrage directed at the perpetrators is too ingenuous? I must have heard the recorded “prank” played several times on the BBC. At first it seemed there was just a hint of “how could she have been so stupid?” about the reporting. Surely, all this publicity must have made the nurse feel so much worse. I think that those who made this big news must share some of the blame for what happened to the nurse. I have noted that the news item announcing the hoax on the BBC News website ( now has an addendum that states “Update 7 December 2012: This page has been edited to remove the audio of the phone call.” I wonder if this was done with a touch of guilt.

Yesterday my “happiness” moment involved listening to Dave Brubeck’s “Jazz impressions of Eurasia” recorded in 1958.

Cover of "Jazz Impressions of Eurasia"

Cover of Jazz Impressions of Eurasia

I have had a bootleg reel-to-reel taped version of this for over forty years and last year bought a CD version from the big tax cheats, Amazon. In my view this is one the Brubeck quartet’s most creative and enjoyable collections. It is puzzling to me that it is not more widely known, as are, for example, his Time Out (1959) and Time Further Out (1961) collections. I was sad to hear that he died 3 days ago, but he had a long and very creative life.

My exercise today involved another bike ride, to collect the newspaper, and some more hedge trimming. So all my resolutions are sticking so far, about a third of the way through my 20 day challenge.

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