Day 6 Bike ride and an eBay experience

Today, I joined a casual group of cyclists for a ride along the Millennium coastal path from near the Loughor bridge to Burry Port and back. I was very lucky and made the trip with virtually no rain. There was a very strong wind though, so much so that the ride out took just under 2 hours but the return trip, wind-assisted, took just 30 minutes. We had a stop on the way for coffee and cake at the Millennium Park Discovery Centre in Llanelli.

Sunset peace - Llanelli Millenium Quay.  Sunse...

Sunset peace – Llanelli Millenium Quay. Sunset over Lougher Estuary (Photo credit: Daniel2005)

This definitely met my exercise quota for the day; a round trip of maybe 20 miles. It was a most enjoyable morning. It is a regular group and I may well join them again in the future, if they invite me.

Here is a little trick applicable to anyone over the age of 12. Take your age next year, 2013, and add it to the year you were born in the last century, e.g. if you were born in 1952 this would be 52 and you will be 61 next year. Add the two numbers together and they always equal 113. If you think deeply about this it will become obvious, but at first sight I found it amazing.

I use eBay quite a lot both, buying things and (trying) to sell them. Sometime ago I bought an item from Hong Kong and received the following email message

Thanks for your purchase and we!We appreciate related buyer like you. Your eBay item have been to post office. Enclosed here copy should receive this item within does not be doing business.

We have a copy of feedback for making post. I do the same to you hoping for us. In addition to sign your feedback, hoping we catch us FIVE STARS on all picture of the Detail Ratings. If you are guilty of FIVE we fell like without fish, please email us first and we catch you. But during the hero.

We appreciate your soul and hoping to catch business man do account.

The items arrived promptly and exactly as described. I gave the suppliers 5 stars in my feedback. But I did not reply to the email although, ever since, I have been curious as to what it feels like to be “without fish”; hungry maybe. But that is too easy. Anyone any suggestions?

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