Day 3 Progress, Uxbridge English and poor business

I used to work for a company that produced a variety of Newsletters to keep customers informed. There was a cynical rule of thumb promoted by the “old stagers” in the company that you would find out if the Newsletter was really needed if you had sufficient content when it came to issue number 3. I have a similar feeling about Day 3.

A brief update on my December resolution; you can tell I am keeping up with my blog. My exercise was restricted to a 30 minute walk along the beach, lovely day but chill!Port Eynon beach

and my happiness interlude was giving myself 30 minutes of reading mid-afternoon.

Yesterday was “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” day which reminded me about the Uxbridge English dictionary. I thought I might offer a few more examples (collected from the radio show and from the online version

Defray – a particle beam weapon that causes loss of hearing
Shambolic – a false testicle
Submit – naval issue glove
Kookaburra – name of a town renowned for making kitchen equipment

I have been trying to recycle some things by selling them on eBay, Gumtree or Amazon and my last item was a collection of 4 windsurfing videos. I thought I would be generous with estimating post and packaging costs but eBay limited me to a maximum of £4.50. In order to attract buyers I started the auction at 99p with no reserve. There was one bid of 99p and I sent the videos off by post. Ebay took 10p selling fee and the cheapest postage charge was £5.50!!!! Just as well I am not in business.

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