Day 2 Progress, “shampoo” and a back-packing handy hint

My December resolutions (for the next 20 days, to write a blog, take exercise and find time to do something that makes me happy) have been sustained so far!! But, I will admit, 2 days is not a great achievement. I had a 30 minute bike ride this morning and, on my way, picked up 3 cans from the road verge in order to recycle them. This made me happy that I was doing something positive, but very sad that there are people who chucked them there in the first place. I think as I get older my general impression of the rest of the human race goes steadily downwards and it did not start at a very high level.

Like most bloggers, I guess, I check out how readers are finding my blog and strangely one of their most frequently used search terms is “shampoo”. I mentioned shampoo in a blog many months ago because I thought it a curious word and looked into its origin and that page has become one of my most visited. Having discovered this through my “market research” I think I should cater (pander) to this area of interest. So you might care to look at this shampoo prank

To tell the truth, I did not find this clip too convincing. After all, who goes into the shower with pants on? Well, to be perfectly honest, I do sometimes. At least, when I am on back-pack walking tours. This is one of my special golden tips for novice back packers. At the end of the day there is often a shower available but rarely laundering facilities. So I have developed, with valuable refinements freely offered by LD and DC, a multi-functional showering technique for walking equipment laundering. First, take socks, pants and t-shirt off and turn them inside out and put them back on before entering the shower. Use the shower with whatever cleaning materials are at hand, soap, shampoo, shower gel -whatever – and rinse. Then (and this is the tricky bit, if you doubt it, try it sometime) take the clothing off and drop it into the shower tray while completing your body shower; it usually helps if this is performed while stamping on the discarded clothing in the shower tray. Wring everything out and hang up the clothes to dry. When you have done this you can feel free to start drying yourself!

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