Ultra short stories

Although, not very skilled at story telling, I am quite fascinated by the art. Even more so am I intrigued by ultra short tales. Word economy amuses me. So, I thoroughly enjoyed a radio competition, some years ago, for mini-sagas. A complete story in precisely 50 words. Now, I discover this genre has become well established (see for example http://users.aber.ac.uk/jpm/minisagas1.html#perpetualmotion) and been surpassed in brevity by the 6 word story (http://www.sixwordstories.net/).

I have come across a few 6 word stories that amused me eg

They lied to me about Santa.

Garlic, basil, parmesan, oil. Presto! Pesto!!

I have struggled with this form and offer just two of my own.

Narrow mountain ledge, icy, fatal slip…

Sun, soft wave-break, warm sand. Peace.

I have felt more inspired by the mini-saga form and produced two (apparently you are allowed extra words for titles. I have exploited this!)

The family euro
The teenager asked for another loan, the third in a short time; he was too used to spending. The parent wanted to help. But, thought “another loan would not really help. And I need the money myself. Should he leave home perhaps?”
Is this just like Greece and Germany, really?

Brash neighbour quietened
My annoying, boastful neighbour had a new car; fast, fuel efficient. This was too much. So, I started, in dead of night, topping up his fuel. His boasts grew by the day: “So fast”; “So economical”.
After ten days I started taking fuel out, instead. Result, subdued neighbour!

I would welcome some other examples…(a 6 word story! can’t stop)

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