Bikes, Brecon and Beach

I just had to take the bike out, on Monday, for a trip to the post office a few kms away. It was a lovely day and I pondered Wiggins’s success as I “powered” my way there. Arriving at my destination, I performed a Wiggins-style-arms-aloft celebration and had some curious looks from a group of holidaying kids. When I was younger I might have been concerned about appearances and the kids’ attention might have worried me. But not now; I simply thought shame I don’t have a yellow jersey. I have often wondered how swifts, swallows and martins manage to catch insects, flying around at great speed like jet fighters with open beaks. On my way back, on the bike, I discovered that there is no special skill needed, just an open mouth!

On Sunday, I was treated to a magnificent sight of sand martins preyed upon by a hobby. We had taken the Brecon special bus that runs every Sunday from Swansea to Brecon and while there strolled along the canal and back along the banks of the river Usk. The river banks are ideal nesting places for sand martins and a group of them were still feeding young, it seems,  going noisily back and forth to their nest holes. I stopped and got my bins out for a better look when suddenly there was a streak of slate blue and a glimpse of red as a hobby attempted an intercept. I had three brief sightings but was not quick enough to follow it for long.

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After the waterside stroll we had a good lunch at the Market Tavern then wandered around the town, taking in a display by the Gurkhas including a band performance, which curiously included bagpipes. We then caught the one and only bus back to Swansea arriving around 7pm. I think this is an extremely good bus service; amazing when it is a freebie for oldies. But, an even better one travels up from Cardiff and back every Sunday, because that bus has a bike trailer attached for Wiggins-ites.

It was quite hot yesterday so after my bike ride the perfect thing to do was to walk down to the beach and swim. Lovely. Today is probably hotter and the beach at Port Eynon has hundreds of people on it; mostly huddled together in a mass of sun-cream,buckets and spades and radios. The tide was a fair way out and I had another invigorating swim away from it all.

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One Response to Bikes, Brecon and Beach

  1. Mrs D. says:

    It’s always best to have pursed lips and your mouth shut tight whilst out riding in the countryside. Insects have nasty habits.

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