Is there an opposite to “Civil Partnership”?

I caught a great edition of “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” last night. It had some very funny Uxbridge English – new definitions. Here are a few

Symmetry – a very neat and rather regimented graveyard

Tendentious – five pairs of false teeth

Saveloy – a posh hotel for sausages

Innuendo – a suppository

With the possibility of Scotland legalising same-sex marriages, there is quite a lot (note not alot!) of media discussion on aspects of couple relationships. This has made me wonder what would be the opposite of a “civil partnership”. This might be needed in answer to a question like, “Are you in a civil partnership?” “No I am in a —–.” That is assuming that the appropriate answer is not, “No I am married”. There are several possibilities, obviously “un-civil partnership”. But this does not seem quite suitable. The website offers “opposition” as an opposite to partnership but I don’t think “civil opposition” would work either. offers the following as opposites for partnership “antagonism, discord, disunion, divorce, estrangement, hostility, rebellion, separation, war”. These offer some curious combinations with “civil”, none of which really fit the bill. Perhaps it is best to double up on the negativity and go for something like “un-civil antagonism”. Nothing seems quite right to me, so perhaps the best answer to the question, “Are you in a civil partnership?” would be, “No I am not.” Well I suppose I will never have need of the negative form so I should not be too concerned. Perhaps you have some ideas…

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