Chickens, Rhossili and “Alots”

I keep an informal tick list of birds seen in the garden at home. This weekend I have had to add a species that I thought would never appear Gallus domesticus. Yes, on Saturday morning two chickens wandered into our garden through an open gate and proceeded to explore, defecate, peck and scratch. They seemed very attracted by my small vegetable patch, which has been wind blasted and drenched of late. So the last thing the pathetic plants needed was the attentions of two hens. But they got it! The chickens had wandered across the lane from the house opposite where they are “free range” in the garden. We roused the owner and, together, herded them – no easy task that – back into their rightful garden. As far as we can tell they left no eggs!

Sunday was just about the best day, weatherwise, for about 2 weeks or more. Mrs D and I decided on a coastal walk and caught the bus to Rhossili and walked back. The bright sun brought out the colours everywhere and the natural colours were enhanced by a yellow Sea King helicopter that was taking part in a practice rescue exercise with the coastguards.

There were more people than I think I have ever seen on the coast path, several groups of Duke of Edinburgh candidates with massive rucksacks, and lots of less laden walkers also. The views were just stunning.

I recognise that I am not a particularly fastidious writer. I am a bit casual with punctuation and sometimes use words in improper or imprecise ways. I also must admit that I did not know that alot was not an accepted word and the blog that I stumbled on explained it all and amused me. I recommend it to you

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