6 months of blogging – a retrospective

I had been thinking of blogging for about three months before I started. What set me thinking about it was a combination of having time available, previously putting diaries and comments on Google+ and, finally, suddenly finding I had a WordPress account after trying to comment on a friend’s new WordPress blog. Having a WordPress account. it seemed churlish not to write something and start blogging. Setting up WordPress was a breeze although no doubt there are things that I should/could have done that would have made my pages look better but who knows…

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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, about six months later and just about the longest day in place of the shortest when I started, I have a grand total of eleven Followers. (Thank you very much every one of you; tell me where to send the cheque!) I have had just under 1000 visits to my pages from over 50 different countries. My best day was when I had 40 visits. I have produced 53 (with this one) blogs and, spookily, 53 comments.  I do use Tags but I do not know quite why. It seems that people often stumble on my pages by Googling either “cable cars” or “shampoo” but I do not intend to pander to “my public” by writing exclusively on those subjects. As if I could. I suppose I would attract more attention and followers if I used Facebook and/or other social media, but I have an aversion to opening up too much of my private life to everyone. Not that it is particularly interesting. For me a day “on the edge” could involve a coffee out, cutting my finger nails and getting an email that is not spam. I do not think these stats are at all impressive and I look in wonder at bloggers with 3 digit Followers. It does not seem possible on WordPress to get any idea of average stats but I thought if I publish mine it might encourage other bloggers to keep at it.

I must admit I have enjoyed blogging. (It is interesting that the WordPress spell check does not accept blogging as a correct word!! or blog it seems!) I have been forced to research things that I would have just let pass if I had not been blogging. Probably the best moment is finding Comments from a total stranger. Overall I have found doing a blog life-enhancing but it also mops up time in a big way. Roll on the next 6 months.

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2 Responses to 6 months of blogging – a retrospective

  1. Mrs D. says:

    You could always get out more…

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