Mothercare – disgusting – and life on South Gower

It just makes me mad. It seems so wrong. Yet, what can you do? The “it” concerns Mothercare, a company that lost £92 million last year and is closing 111 stores with a loss of 830 jobs. So you (and I) might think that the boss would be leaving under a cloud. Not so. The Chief Executive is leaving with a severance package of £5 million. His name is Ben Gordon and I really do not know how he has the brass neck to accept such a monstrous payment in view of such disastrous current performance.

On a brighter note, while as I write this it is pelting with rain, earlier it was warm and sunny and I went for my first 2012 swim in the sea. It was bracing, even with a shortie wetsuit, but I enjoyed it. As most of the UK will know we have had an abysmal spell of weather over the past week or two, I have managed a few good walks along stretches of the Wales coastal path with its bright new marker stones

Last week I had an extended wander around Oxwich dunes and found an abundance of orchids. I think the recent wet weather has been a boon for dune-dwelling plants; everything was looking very healthy. I am no expert on identifying orchids but I know I saw pyramidals, bee orchids and twayblades and I think I saw southern marsh orchids, early purples, and just one common spotted orchid. While on this theme, I have recently seen quite a few orchids in the dunes at Port Eynon, including a very cheeky one less than 50m from the chippy.

Another time I approached Port Eynon from the Rhossilli end and walked across the cliffs and just past the entrance to Culver Hole. The tide was in so there was a short leap across the water at the bottom. Then I continued around under the point and over Port Eynon Point cave

Tonight and tomorrow night the road outside our house will be closed between midnight and 6am. It is being re-surfaced. It needs it, and I hope for a better job than this!

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One Response to Mothercare – disgusting – and life on South Gower

  1. Mrs D. says:

    I remember those days, half a lifetime ago, when a tenner seemed a small fortune (or at least enough each week to pay for rent, food, a couple of pints on a Friday night and a bagful of chips).

    Then we thought long and hard about individual items costing over one hundred pounds. ‘Package’ holidays cost around £40 pp for a week on the Costas – flight and half board to sun we’d only previously dreamed about.

    Buying houses upped the stakes; took us from talking hundreds into worrying about tens of thousands of pounds. (I used to envy mums who shopped in Mothercare whilst I was knocking up woollens and dressmaking non-stop, in order to turn out our kids in respectable clothing.)

    And now headlines scream of the millions, billions and trillions the world’s richest economies are struggling to repay; debt which has escalated beyond the ken of the average citizen in this country.

    My sympathies lie with those company workers – world-wide – who lose their jobs because times change and technology offers alternative ways for consumers to spend their money. I doubt that Mothercare’s ex-chief executive will have any worries about his spending ability in the future. His ‘package’ should see him out. And if he’s bored, he can always take up knitting…

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