Heavy metal bands and Jubilee weekend

Whilst browsing, I came across this funny guide for creating your personal heavy metal rock group name. I am sorry I lost the web address so I cannot give credit where it is due, but I will happily acknowledge in comments if anyone can advise me. I think it is fairly self-explanatory but, as an example, ‘Philip Battenberg’ would have the band name “Evil Fury”; maybe not the best. I have a feeling there is a mis-spelling of vengeance but nevermind.

The jubilee weekend has really fizzled out here on Gower. Today (Tuesday) has been windy, on the cold side of cool and raining just about continually. Yesterday was a lovely day and the come-all-ye picnic in Port Eynon went off brilliantly. It was well attended, with good music, and a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

I watched some of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on TV on Saturday. I have to take my hat off to everyone involved for sticking it out in such poor weather. A friend observed that the ladies choir looked more like a line up for a wet t-shirt competition than serious singers. The Queen seemed to stand for about 4 hours watching it all as did Prince Philip, and maybe this is the main reason he had to go to hospital next day.

Thankfully, the weather was good for the Diamond Jubilee Concert, which I also watched on TV. I am amazed at how many people turned out to be at this event and the Thames Pageant. I found some of the concert just bizarre – hula hoops! – other parts, slightly cringe-making from ageing stars who really should retire. But I felt it was an well-deserved and sincere tribute to the Queen and her devotion to her job, which has really been her life. It made me identify with Britain and rekindled a pride in being British which I thought had guttered out. So – great.

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