Goodbye to Grands Montets

Today was my last ski day this season. I have been counting and today was my 47th day. I feel privileged and lucky to be able to do that much skiing in one year. Today was memorable because once again, despite the continuous sun, the snow down from Grands Montets was super.

Mrs D and I had a coffee stop at the small buvette at the top of the GM lift and gloried in the views and the atmosphere.

In the picture the squiggly white lines on the extreme right hand side are the pistes at Les Houches. Don’t they look so tiny? After the coffee stop I had my last run. There have been times when the last ski run of the season has felt rather indifferent; like I had done enough. But this one left me eager to come back and do more, which is a much better feeling.

This afternoon was spent drying out ski boots, removing car roof bars, and other necessary tasks before we leave for Wales early on Thursday. Tomorrow is forecast to be another sunny day, and maybe a picnic by Passy lake is called for, before we do our last shop for wine etc. to take back home.

Finally a few more Uxbridge English new definitions

  • Pistol – a charge for going to the toilet
  • Catatonic – a pep you up drink for a cat
  • Balderdash – a rapidly receding hairline
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