Grands Montets and extraordinary biking

Today was a very pleasant surprise. I went to Argentiere and Grands Montets and found sun (no surprise there; it has been sunny for nearly a week now non-stop), no crowds, and brilliant snow. I suppose the “brilliant” bit needs qualification because my reaction is qualified by my expectation. After so much hot weather and a very busy weekend of skiing, I had not expected to find very skiable areas off the Grands Montets. But they were there and it was brilliant. I had an excellent run down Combe Des Rachasses

and then another down Le Dome.

Today was going to be my last ski day before returning to Wales but it was so good I am going again tomorrow.

Several years ago I saw a documentary on TV about a cyclist from the Isle of Skye who did the most extraordinary gymastic-type tricks on his bike. I did not recall his name but I came across him again as a Youtube sensation. His name is Danny MacAskill and he is from Dunvegan. You can read all about him on his website  But you really must see his first Youtube video which has now had nearly 30 million viewings. Since this video he has given up his job as a bicycle mechanic and become a stunt man and professional performer.

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1 Response to Grands Montets and extraordinary biking

  1. Mrs D. says:

    There’s a chap who knows his wheels inside out…
    I’m interested to know when he does all this stuff – sometimes I notice onlooker ‘extras’, but the video editing carefully cuts round them. Maybe a lookout checks for unsuspecting folks who might not be aware a bike and body are just about to land on them!

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