Spring skiing, cats and lost in translation

The past three days have been just perfect spring weather here; sunny all day and warm in the afternoon. I have skied at Brevent, Grands Montets and Domaine de Balme and in all cases found very good skiing conditions. There have been strong winds from the South most days so when we went to Brevent the Flegere cable car was shut, because of the wind. When we skied over to Flegere we found it very quiet and skied the Floria run on excellent snow almost on our own.

Grands Montets was marvellous. I had two runs from the very top; one on the Pylones side the other on Point de Vue.

Both had excellent snow. On Pylones, I was making new tracks in snow that was about 30cm deep but with a bit of a crust. I had to concentrate very hard and it probably did not look pretty but I skied it fine. Superb!

Domaine de Balme was the least good. The Vallorcine bubble lift and the Col de Balme chair were not working. This effectively restricted skiing to the Le Tour side and the snow was quite hard early on, with golf ball-sized lumps of ice in some places. But the snow rapidly melted making it quite slushy later on; typical spring skiing conditions.

I am not very fond of cats but I did find this video clip quite amusing. I hope you like it too.

Speaking of cats, Mrs D and I walked past a cat nest this afternoon. Somebody had placed a wooden box high up in a hedge and a cat was curled up inside it; never seen one of those before.

Finally, I thought I would own up to two faux pas (literally ‘false steps’ translated from French) of mine in dealing with the French language. One happened when I was leaving my flat and my neighbour was just arriving. She said “Vous etes bien?” (How are you?) and I thought she asked when we had arrived or how long we had been there. So I replied “Deux semaine” (two weeks!). She looked a little perplexed and said nothing more, not surprisingly. My friend CW, who had witnessed it, thought it very funny and has not allowed me to forget it. The other was not so embarrassing, but could have been. Near our flat in Servoz is the village hall. Many years ago there was a banner outside it announcing “Don de sang”. I said to Mrs D that perhaps this was a local talent contest. Lucky we did not go along to watch because it was blood donation session.

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2 Responses to Spring skiing, cats and lost in translation

  1. Mrs D. says:

    Great photos, especially the one from Flegere looking at the Mer. Well balanced, love…

    • seclectic says:

      Thank you. I am really chuffed with the camera on my mobile especially because the phone was not that expensive.

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