Powder skiing at Les Houches and NASA photo of Earth

Today has been cloudy with almost continual precipitation; snow in the morning and rain after lunch in Servoz. But, after snow overnight, I had to get out and ski. I went to Les Houches, which was quiet; no problems parking. Up high there was new snow to a depth of around 20-30cm. Many of the runs had been pisted and/or tracked by the time I got there around 10.15, but I discovered a couple with excellent, virtually unskied powder and was able to just go up and down until my legs ached too much. One was on the Cha the other was the red Bellevue piste. In both cases I enjoyed sweeping turns with nobody else around. It was excellent and I even may have voiced a subdued “yaahoo”. I think I went up the Cha lift 6 times and the Grand Bois lift 8 times but I was not counting. The cloud came down onto the piste once or twice but, apart from this, visibility was pretty good despite the cloud cover. At one stage the sun could be seen dimly through the cloud. Buoyed up by this powder experience, I skied down Mur des Epines but soon found wet snow on top of crunchy ice and earth starting to appear in places. So I went no lower than Maison Neuve.

A great ski and a lovely surprise this late in the season. This was my best ski day this month I think. But I suspect Les Houches will just be wet by tomorrow. This is what Les Houches looks like at present 4pm, as seen by the webcam

I recently found some wonderful satellite views of the Earth on a NASA website. Here is one of them (to add a bit of colour to a greyish blog!). For me, this picture illustrates perfectly what a fragile but wonderful thing the Earth is.

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