Spring skiing

Another lovely sunny, spring day today; shirtsleeve weather in the valley and even, for some, on the ski slopes. But not me, although no tights/long John’s today! Mrs D and I went to Brevent for a morning ski; not too crowded at all. She took the following photo from the track leading onto the Charles Bozon piste, looking just about due South. Reading from the left, the peaks are Aiguille du Midi (3842m), Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248m), Mont Maudit (4465m) and Mont Blanc (4810m) with the Dome du Gouter (4304) on the right.

Yesterday we went with JE to Les Contamines and had a wonderful day. The snow was in great nick on the pistes despite the appearance of some of the south facing slopes, seen in this picture taken from the Grevattaz button lift.

We just about skied the whole area before it got too slushy and had a hot chocolate in our favourite cafe on the Hauteluce side. Unfortunately, Les Contamines is not on our ski pass because it is a glorious resort with something for skiers of all abilities. But our ski pass came with tickets for 3 days skiing in other resorts in Haute Savoie and this was the last of them. Once again Mrs D took some photos, and this one is also of  Mont Blanc looking north east. Mont Blanc is the highest peak on the left of the picture, almost immediately above the man’s head, and looks very different I think from the previous picture.

The picture was taken from Aiguille Croche, the highest point at Les Contamines 2487m. Interestingly, there’s a proposal to join the Les Contamines and the St Gervais/Megeve ski areas together, with a new chair lift going up and over the separating ridge, just under the peak of Mont Joly. It was always possible to make this trip by ski off piste, although I never have tried it, but this would make an enormous ski area, with 115 lifts and 380km of piste. Whether it goes ahead or not is unclear; there are a lot of people opposed on environmental grounds and some who see it as another invasion of a true wilderness area.

As I sit here writing/typing in late afternoon there have been several avalanches on the Fiz. If I am lucky, I just spy them; the sound reaches us a good deal after the sight of them has gone. The Fiz looks so near but is really about 5km away.

Mrs D captured a wonderful sunset the other night and with her permission I would like to share it.

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3 Responses to Spring skiing

  1. Evan Dobbs says:

    Beautiful pictures and one very jealous on-looker here… the combination of the ski areas can only mean good things in my opinion….

    14th of March and great snow still, great season… = )

  2. Mrs D. says:

    Still can’t get over that sunset…!

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