Old tights and skiing

Words are very emotive. For example, one might quite easily recognise that other people are “mean”, but I am “careful with money”, “frugal” or even just plain “sensible”. Hence, when we were about to go for a skiing holiday over 30 years ago and I needed some long johns. I purloined an old pair of knitted tights of my wife’s and cut the feet off. Voila! – some thermal underwear for skiing. Now over 30 years (and possibly closer to 40!) they are still going strong and in daily use during the ski season.

Whilst not strictly necessary recently, because of the spring conditions, these tights have been in action at various places in the Chamonix valley over the last few days. The weather has been mostly clear and sunny but there has, at times, been a cold easterly wind. The wind has helped keep the snow in excellent condition on all but the lowest ski slopes.

So we (Mrs D and I) have had ski days at Domaine de Balme, Brevent/Flegere and Les Houches.  This sign is from the top of Brevent on the Charles Bozon run where there was still some powder snow around.

There were glorious views over the Mont Blanc range from Flegere. This one (with thanks to Mrs D) is of Aiguille Verte (the highest peak to the right 4121m) with Les Drus on the right of Aiguille Verte. The picture was taken from the top of L’Index chair lift. The sharper peak on the right in the picture is the Aiguille du Chardonnet 3824m.

Today I was at Grands Montets where the snow was still very skiable off piste. Although the Pierre a ric piste was quite slushy with, as its’ name implies, a few stones appearing.

Finally an original snowman:

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One Response to Old tights and skiing

  1. Mrs D. says:

    Aren’t you the oh-so-lucky one, not having had to attend an A&E department throughout your ski career! I can’t think how the nursing staff would react if you needed to drop your drawers and reveal washed out/worn out ‘long John’s’; particularly maroon, ribbed ones.
    It’s high time you treated yourself to some new ones – I can recommend size L, cable knits in donkey brown, from M&S. And don’t forget to blanket stitch around where you chop off the feet. They should see you out…

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