Skiing Brevent, and an awkward exhaust pipe

Overnight we had rain, then snow. Where I live there was about 5cm of snow on the car first thing, but it was not settling on the roads. It was grey and still snowing. The weather forecast was “cloudy with showers and fleeting sunny spells”; so not very promising. I did not ski yesterday, so the thought of fresh snow forced me out to the Brevent ski area. I often say that my best skiing days have the least promising starts and prospects. Today was an excellent example. The cable car passed through thick cloud on the way up. But at the top the cloud was much higher, with some clear blue breaks. So visibility was pretty good most of the time. Later in the day there were even some sunny spells. The new snow was about knee-deep on the Charles Bozon run but less lower down. I had a few real powder runs. But not everything was perfect. I found a patch of off-piste by the side of the Cornu piste with perfect smooth powder. I did wonder why nobody had skied it and once in/on it I very soon found out! The smooth powder was cruelly covering some giant rock-hard, ice moguls; not easy to ski or at all pleasant.

On one cable car ride up to Brevent I had the misfortune to share the cabin with a group of American-sounding skiers. They had a guide who was rabble-rousing along the lines of “This is great powder the best I have had since Ootah” (must have been Utah). “We are sooo lucky and we are having an awesome time” etc. He was in ecstasy, and as the cable car arrived he built up to a climax, ending with “Let’s do it!” at full volume, followed by lots of yelps and ye-haas from the followers. The other occupants of the cable car and I stared fixedly at our skis or ski boots in an embarrassed fashion. We all let this group move off quickly.

In short, I had a great day. If I had looked out the window first thing and seen the low cloud I could very easily have thought – no, not worth the effort. But this clearly was. There is probably a moral there somewhere. Maybe we should all just say “Let’s do it”!

Finally, this photo has been around for some time, but it still amuses me. I wonder if the person who positioned the graphic did it with full knowledge of the exhaust pipe position.

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2 Responses to Skiing Brevent, and an awkward exhaust pipe

  1. Evan Dobbs says:

    Ahhh… “Yee’haa” – the age old American saying for “Let’s do this!” Association of this with skiing does not seem to be apt… Although i can imagine an approach to a 40% incline to be a “yee’haa” based encouraging term. Exiting a gondola does not inspire one to go at it feet first… “Yee’haa and on to the first ski lift queue we go”

  2. Soph says:

    Excellent blog – got to get on with work now but keep it up

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