Le Tour, Grands Montets and some fun

Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day. We took the train to Vallorcine and skied at the Domaine de Balme, which I can’t stop thinking of as Le Tour. Considering the high temperature, the snow stayed in excellent condition although the off-piste was either boulder hard or slushy thick. I did have a good off-piste run though, just over the Swiss border heading down to the Esserts chair.

Today’s forecast was for 75% sun clouding over later and cloudy at night. It is also Saturday, which is often just about the busiest day of the week on the ski slopes. So, I thought I would get off early for the Grands Montets, take in the sun, and leave by lunch time to let the crowds enjoy the rest of the (cloudy!) day. The early bit happened just fine and it was fairly quiet; no big lift queues. But the cloud appeared as I arrived and hung around til about lunch time, when I left.

On the positive side, the snow condition was good above the top of the Herse chair lift. On the negative side, it was white on white. So despite plenty of moguls, I was pretty much skiing blind; as this picture indicates, taken from the Pylones piste which was much less mogulled than the Point de vue.

In the afternoon, the cloud cleared entirely and it was sunny and warm with temperatures around 17C. But, when I left the car park at GM, cars were being turned away. One car was being towed away. It had been thoughtlessly parked and ski buses and/or ambulances could not get to the bottom lift station! Serves them right, I thought.

Now for the bit of fun; a video that I found on another blog. It is the usual tricky stuff but with a twist that I found amusing.



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