Dog poo, watches and terrorists

Sunday was sunny but cold. Ideal for a walk. We needed some milk anyway, so I chose a walk of about 10km which took me by a shop. The walk was fine but quite squidgy underfoot; well, around knee-deep in some places, I reckon, if I had not been very circumspect. Anyway, to get to my point, part of the walk took me along a sandy beach. There were a fair number of people about and an almost equal number of dogs. In general, I like dogs. However, I have an aversion to stepping in stuff they leave behind them. I mostly put the blame for dog fouling on their owners. I must point out that probably the majority of owners are faultless. But on the beach I was about 300 metres behind a couple who were not. Their dog was of a substantial size and twice stopped to “do its business”. They watched and just strolled on afterwards, leaving piles of steaming substance. Within 2 minutes I had a brilliant idea and I was wishing I had my phone with me. Why? To take pictures, of course! I had, on the spot, thought of a brilliant new website “sh**they” which could feature pictures of dog-doings and their originators and OWNERS. Anyone could log onto it and upload the pictures they had taken. The pictures could be geotagged etc. and might shame dog owners into more responsible behaviour. The idea might even be extended to litter louts or, as Aussies would have it (and perhaps more accurately), tossers. I really admire the Aussie no-litter sign stating “Don’t be a tosser”.

After the walk, I thought this website idea needs some research, so I Googled something like “dog poo name and shame” and discovered my idea was not really that original. Naming and shaming was going ahead with a fair head of steam already. So my idea is currently on ice but I found an absolute gem of a quote; so good I cannot really believe it. It came from (so you can verify that I am not making it up, even if I were that clever. I have added italics to the killer word)


However, Coun Bridgett said that the county council does have options. “You can put up motion-sensitive cameras.” he said. “But there has been bad press about other councils using them.”

I think he probably did not mean what everyone else who reads it will think, given the subject matter!

When it comes to watches, I like to use one that is robust and cheap in case I lose or damage it. So when my 6 year-old Casio fell off my wrist, because the strap broke, I looked on eBay to find a replacement. I found a new watch advertised for 99p. Admittedly the P&P was £2.89, which I thought a little steep since it came in a Jiffy bag with a second class Large stamp. Still, I regard this as a bargain and I thought I would get one with a colour that might start a conversation

Unfortunately, it came with no instructions. No problem. A quick Google, and on Wikipedia I found instructions. But ALSO I found that this model is an al-Qaida terrorist watch. Cripes! After a bit more browsing, I found this piece of information from the Guardian website – “Yet the Casio F-91W digital watch (my model!) was declared to be ‘the sign of al-Qaida’ and a contributing factor to continued detention of prisoners by the analysts stationed at Guantánamo Bay. Briefing documents used to train staff in assessing the threat level of new detainees advise that possession of the F-91W – available online for as little as £4 – suggests the wearer has been trained in bomb making by al-Qaida in Afghanistan.” Well, I suppose that might be true of some but NOT ME!!!!

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